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“Summer camp is full of learning experiences that welcome a broad range of outcomes.”

It’s no secret that summer camp can be a help for busy parents, but studies have proven that there are many advantages for participating children too.

Research has established that summer learning loss is a real phenomenon


and while most studies focus on older children, any early childhood educator can attest to the weeks spent each fall in “classroom retraining,” that is – relearning rules, routines, boundaries and skills.

Summer is a wonderful time to transition between academic levels by testing out new ideas and concepts without the expectation of academic performance.  Summer camp is full of learning experiences that welcome a broad range of outcomes. There is no lagging behind classmates and no pressure to meet milestones.

It is a time when the philosophy of free play []

combines with unrestricted creativity and guided experimentation, even for the youngest students. Science can be a slight bit “madder,” reading adventures can take students a little farther, and art adventures are designed to be more expressively individual.

With a more open schedule and wider occasions for outside activity, Trinity’s summer camps take full advantage of children’s expressed interests to explore yet untapped opportunities.

Dreaming of outer space and wondering about what lay beyond the stars becomes a chance to learn about Earth’s relationship to the universe, discover the unique traits of each planet in our galaxy, and marvel over God’s glorious expansive creation and our place as humans within it.

A fascination with fairy tales and legends opens the door to imagining life in different times and places, fosters the creativity of pretending, and opens the mind, eyes, and ears to the art of storytelling.

Whether taking imaginary fantastic voyages to the bottom of the sea or “going for the gold” in age-appropriate competition, summer camp is an experience where playtime and academics merge for maximum impact – a true laboratory for fun and learning.

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