“…if you are a Biblical Christian, your counseling needs will not be best served by a therapist who does not recognize the God who you believe created and redeemed you.”

Counseling…It can be beneficial in many scenarios.  Sometimes serious medical issues such as clinical depression warrant it, at other times relational conflicts point to a need for an objective third party.  Regardless of the reasons you may be pursuing professional counseling; it may be worth the effort to consider Christian counseling.

Why Christian counseling?

If you are a cat lover, you probably would not find the best entertainment or company for you or your pet at a dog park. In the same way, if you are a Biblical Christian, your counseling needs will not be best served by a therapist who does not recognize the God who you believe created and redeemed you.

It’s a question of worldviews. Someone who sees the world through a different lens may not understand – or even accept – certain things that are of great importance to you.  That does not mean that they are not professional, well-trained, or good at their job.  It merely recognizes that their frame of reference may not be in sync with yours.

So what is Christian counseling?

Jennifer Knox, Founder and Clinical Director of Midwest Center for Hope & Healing, explains, “Christian counseling is a type of therapy where you and your counselor incorporate Christian values while working to resolve the conflict in your life.” Knox, like many therapists, Christian and secular, is a Board Certified Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.

Counseling, Knox says, is getting your life back on track. With a Christian counselor, the goal is to do so according to God’s plan.  The foundation for doing so, she adds, is to find a Christian counselor who will integrate faith and God in helping you to establish goals and objectives.

Biblical King David made many mistakes in life. He was guilty of murder and adultery and yet was still referred to as a “man after God’s own heart.” David would have certainly understood the need to get one’s life back on track according to God’s plan. He sang in Psalm 16, “I bless the Lord who gives me counsel…I have set the Lord always before me; because He is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken” (from verses 6-8).  Without faith and a God who understood David’s troubles and knew his heart, the psalmist would have remained rudderless, adrift in the consequences of his sin.

A gracious and merciful God gives the believer direction in His Word. A Christian counselor can help people of faith work through struggles while respecting that the Lord gives wisdom, knowledge and understanding (Proverbs 2:6).

To get the most benefit out of Christian counseling, Knox suggests that you work with a counselor who is willing to:

  • Support you in strengthening your relationship with God while working towards your goals
  • Incorporate the Christian faith to help you work toward a healthier balance in your life
  • Pray with you, if you desire, during your counseling session
  • Provide you with faith-based resources or referrals when appropriate

Midwest Center for Hope & Healing’s locations include a counseling office at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lombard. To request an appointment with a Christian therapist or get more information about Christian counseling, contact Jennifer Knox, MA, LCPC of Midwest Center for Hope & Healing at 630.370.5546 or jknox@mwchh.com. Learn more about Midwest Center for Hope & Healing at mwchh.com.