A parent is a child’s first teacher. It’s true. But, once a child reaches school-age, parents want to know that the teacher who is with that child five days each week for seven or more hours each day, loves that child fiercely, as a parent does. So how do you go about choosing the perfect school for your child?

As the new school year approaches, I’d like to weigh in why my family chose a Lutheran education for our children. While I myself grew up in a Lutheran school, I also went to public schools for middle school and high school, and have taught in the public school system as well. As our oldest child started to approach kindergarten age, I started having fears of sending him to a public school. What if there are so many students my son gets lost in the “crowd”? What if his teacher didn’t appreciate his “all boy-ness”? What if he didn’t make “adequate” progress during the year?

                                            We visited and fell in love. We felt like we were finally home.

As these questions rolled in my head at 3 a.m., when all the best thinking is done, I went back to my roots. I remember being in a small class and getting the attention I needed. I remember being given grace when I made mistakes because I was taught about Jesus’ love for me on a daily basis. My friends from my Lutheran elementary school are still my friends today because, even in this crazy, big world, my Lutheran family is always going to be there for me.

My husband didn’t grow up in a small school. He was an army brat who jumped from school to school. He doesn’t remember many of his teachers or his friends from elementary school. So as we discussed our options during a huge move across the United States we said, “why not Lutheran?” And so our search began.

God works in mysterious ways. Trinity was the first school I inquired at, but at the time, they didn’t have any teaching positions open, which was something I desperately wanted; to be at the same school as my boys. By April I was beginning to lose hope, and was starting to look into public schools. Just a couple of weeks later, I was notified that a teacher was retiring and they’d like to interview me. We visited and fell in love. We felt like we were finally home.

And here we are today, one year later, just as in love as before. Even with our small class size (which is a huge plus in my book), my boys have made friendships that will last a lifetime. Their teachers embrace the fact that they are both “all boy.” They stand out in the small crowd and get the individual attention they need everyday.

If you’re still looking for a school for your child, consider a Lutheran school. Trinity Lutheran School in Lombard, Illinois, will welcome you will open arms. Our family has room to grow and teachers who are ready to love your babies. If you’d like more information please contact schoolinfo@trinitylombard.org or call 630.627.5601.