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Tips for a New School Year

"Along with new lunch bags and colored markers, at Trinity Lutheran School there is an abundant supply of fresh grace and mercy." Each year as summer draws to an end, students and parents begin to prepare for a new academic year. Life is busy with the tasks of gathering: • New wardrobes for children who [...]

Why Summer Camp?

"Summer camp is full of learning experiences that welcome a broad range of outcomes." It’s no secret that summer camp can be a help for busy parents, but studies have proven that there are many advantages for participating children too. Research has established that summer learning loss is a real phenomenon [] and while most [...]

A Not So Trivial Pursuit

Admit it. We all know a lot of useless information. Really, in the scope of things, how important is it that we know who played Karen in “From Here to Eternity” (Deborah Kerr), how many seasons the Astros have played in the postseason (nine), and for the kids, what the name of Elsa's sister is [...]

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Christ is Risen!

As Christians, we are Easter people. Everything we do is viewed through the lens of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the center of all human history. This miraculous life-changing event informs all of our major decisions. Jesus conquered death - and cancelled out our sins - this should be inspiration and comfort for all we [...]

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