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Trinity Lutheran Church Update of COVID Prevention Protocols

(issued 6.25.21)


To all of Christ’s saints at Trinity Lutheran Church and School:

Greetings to all of you in the Name of Christ! The Board of Elders and myself would like to thank you again for your ongoing cooperation as we work together to keep Trinity Lutheran Church and School safe as it appears that our battle with COVID-19 is going better. The Elders have said that our COVID approach would be reevaluated monthly. The Elders met on Wednesday, June 23, and the following modifications will be implemented, effective immediately:

  • Our mask policy will be slightly modified, so now if a person is fully vaccinated, a mask will not be necessary for them at any time. A fully vaccinated person will no longer have to wear a mask in and out of the building. If a person is not vaccinated, a mask will be required at all times, from entry into the building, during worship, and as they exit after worship. We will be continuing our seating arrangement of mask mandatory on the pulpit side and mask optional on the lectern side.

  • Our dismissal practice will change slightly. In an effort to keep social distance in place for those who haven’t been vaccinated, we will dismiss the pulpit side (mask mandatory side) completely first, and then we will dismiss the lectern side.


We appreciate the ongoing, respectful feedback we have received, and always take it into consideration. We hope that this revision will continue to keep all of our members safe, and at the same time, give more freedom to those who have been vaccinated. Thanks again for your ongoing cooperation, communication, and support. God’s blessings in Christ Jesus to all of you!


In Christ,



Pastor Wagner

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