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Trinity Lutheran Preschool

3 & 4 year old | Monday through Friday | Part-Time | Full-Time | Flexible Days | Extended Care

A Day at Preschool


Everyday, preschool students participate in:


  • Jobs and Table Toys

  • Good Morning Time

  • Centers, Projects, & Free Play

  • Snack & Story

  • Group Time/Closing

  • Large Motor Play

  • Lunch

  • Relaxing Time

  • Story & Nap

Your child will learn a letter of the week. We will talk about the name of the letter, the sound it makes, and practice writing it. There is also a weekly theme. Some themes may be more than one week long. We will read books, sing songs, and do projects relating to this theme to learn more about it.

Your child will learn so much at preschool! It is a great experience for them to socialize with other children, learn sharing and patience, and learn responsibility. We use our helping hands chart in which children get to help with jobs.

Each week we have physical education, music, library, and chapel. We talk about Jesus and His love for us everyday.

At the beginning of the school year we work on following our routines and learning our rules. We work on listening, sitting criss-cross applesauce with our hands in our laps, cleaning up after ourselves, pushing in our chairs, and so much more. Our most important rule is that we like to make friends, and we do that by being nice. At preschool we are excited to learn.

Mrs. Rachel LaMontagna, lead teacher

Miss Beth Kraegel, teacher 


Mrs. Arlene Solyom

Mrs. Amy Pilny

To register, or make inquiries, call Trinity's office at 630.629.8765 or email


Preschool Newsletters:

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