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Sunday School Storytime

Recommended Bible Storybooks

Enjoy a collection of Concordia Publishing House's beloved Arch Books with the Arch Books Treasury: Life of Jesus. Here's a sample story, Donkey Daniel in Bethlehem, to read. You can order the book featuring a collection of twelve Arch Book stories here:

Download this sampler of Concordia Publishing House's New Testament Storybook for Kids - it includes four beautifully illustrated one-page Bible stories from the book.

If you want to, you can order your own copy of the entire book here:

Read the Easter Story Anytime

Find it in the Gospels - Matthew 27 & 28, Mark 15 & 16, Luke 23 & 24, and John 19 & 20. Use an age-appropriate children’s Bible such as the Faith Alive Bible from Concordia Publishing House (it’s the version we give children 3rd grade and up at Trinity). Don’t have a Bible handy? Find the Scriptures at

Jesus Time Videos - Inclusive and Accessible Bible Story Chapels from Voice of Care

Watch Jesus Time Ministry Videos on YouTube at:

Download Jesus Time Ministry Videos at:


Enjoy these Children's Book Storytime videos: 

(click on video to make large screen)

Matthew Bergholt from the LCMS Office of National Mission, School Ministry Office in Saint Louis, reads the Arch Book, The Easter Stranger by Nicole Dreyer. You can order your own copy of this story of Jesus on the road to Emmaus from Luke 24:1-35 here:

For National Day of Prayer - or any other time, gather your family together and join Concordia Publishing House children's author Gail Pawlitz as she reads Prayer: Learning How to Talk to God by Jeannette Goth. As she reads, Gail provides opportunities for viewers to pause, pray and reflect on their conversations with God. Want to order the book?

Michelle Medlock Adams, Concordia Publishing House children's author, reads her Christian children's book, I Will Not Be Afraid. See how our all-powerful, loving God as faithful to us because of Jesus' sacrifice and forgiveness. Even though bad things happen in our sinful world, God will always guide and give comfort in His Word. Want to order the book?

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