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VBS: Rainforest  Explorers - Day 2

"God Gives the Commandments"

Gather these things together before you start:

Craft needs:

colored pencils, scissors, ruler, paper towels, colored markers

Snack needs:

cheese slices, oval or rectangular crackers, frosting/icing or cheese spread or fruit spread or peanut butter, chocolate chips or raisins

START with Today's Devotion - Pastor Wagner

Bible Verse:  Exodus 19:5

Mission: Rainforest Explorers - Day 2

Truth Up Opening

Story: God Gives the Commandments Exodus 19:18–20; 20:1–21

Theme: My loving God gives direction

Bible Verse: You shall be My treasured possession. Exodus 19:5

Mrs. Messina

Craft: Ten Commandments - Miss Hannah

Click here for today's coloring page


Music: Let's Go, Go, Go

Truth Up Closing

Snack: Commandment Crackers

Snack Recipe Card-2.jpg

Closing Prayer

Day 2 Prayer.jpg
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